Finally published, well sort of...

A couple of months ago, I received an email from Patrick McNeil of The Web Designer’s Idea Book inquiring if I wanted a chance to be included in his next book. I could tell it was a semi-generated email that he sent out to probably thousands of other sites, but I figured why not, it couldn’t hurt. So I proceeded to his website, filled out the necessary waiver form to be included for a chance to be a published designer with fingers crossed.

I am not exactly sure how he found my website, but I usually submit sites I design to some of the CSS galleries for hopeful inclusions in their listing. One of my posts, featured on csselite showcases just that. Either way, included or not, I was just happy to have one designer express his interest in my website and design capabilities.

After filling out the form, hitting submit, I had no idea if this would progress any further. Come to find out, it did. A couple of weeks ago, Patrick sent out another mass email stating his book was done and for the designers he contacted to email him to see if we were included. I did just that and got a response a few days later — I am sure there was a influx of emails from other designers. To my surprise, his response was that my site was included.

Now I am not overly excited about being in the book — don’t take me wrong, it does feel good to have something put in print, but I did some research on his volume one book he printed. Apparently, the book is split into different categories with each category consisting of a one page write up explaining a design technique and then following pages of screen shots of websites portraying this aformentioned technique. There aren’t any interviews with the designers on their methodologies and I do not believe there are any in this book.

I do believe his book will definitely be useful to designers to gain inspiration for their next design. It will also allow for us to see what else is out there and what is considered good web design and what is in.

Something else that I just ran across with this book, my site was chosen to be one of the many on the cover. Click on the image and zoom in to the top right corner. Too bad that he chose to use the one part of my site that my wife doesn’t care for too much, the footer, but that’s another story.

Book has been pre-ordered, but have to wait until November. While waiting, maybe you should pick up a copy.

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