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Featured on CSSelite

  March 17, 2009 — written by Chris Sloan | 1 comment »

I submitted the site a while ago after contacting the developer over there about an issue with their submission form and my email address, who graciously asked for the URLs I was submitting. I continually checked the site day after day to see if it would end up on the site to no avail.

Then, this morning as I did my usual routine of checking email, reading up on the geek blogs I commonly peruse, seeing what the daily deal is on and then finally ending up at my Google Analytics page. To my amazement, my traffic for yesterday jumped nearly four times than typical traffic.

I decided to dig into the stats and see where that jump came from. Low and behold, there was an extra 61 new visits from CSSelite. Now I know that is nothing compared to many other sites out there, but it's always nice to have that new traffic looking over my artwork.

Thanks CSSelite!

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Mike Kivikoski said on 03/20 @ 07:21 PM
Congrats man, that's awesome. I came here through csselite as well. Your site is well laid out and designed.

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