A Sinatra run Facebook app

This will be short and sweet as my last post was also about creating a Facebook App.

I have been doing down and dirty Facebook Like walls left and right it seems for the past couple of months for record labels and their bands. I was tired of setting up an app every single time that pretty much did the same thing:

  1. Like the page
  2. Get free crap

So I fixed the problem and made my own reusable bootstrap app utilizing some technology buzz words out the hoo-ha. I know I mentioned about using Jekyll to create a Facebook app, but there were a lot less hoops to go through for a Sinatra app. Plus, I was able to find a nice Facebook OpenGraph gem to use for parsing the POST request for like requests.

In not so random order, the bootstrap uses:

  1. Sinatra => light weight ruby backend
  2. Coffeescript => have I mentioned how awesome this is to compile ruby looking syntax into JavaScript
  3. Compass => SASS framework that makes writing CSS 10x faster
  4. Haml => I’ve written other posts on why this rocks my socks

It’s pretty straight forward to use by setting a few variables in the app.rb file then creating your own SCSS and content, you will be up and running in no time.

I am still tweaking it here and there — just added Google Analytic support to track events on things that offer downloads, but it is fully functional.

Clone it, fork it, have fun with it: https://github.com/chrissloan/sinatra-book

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