A New Experience - Redux

Her name would be Addisyn Jo. Would she be like her sister, wild from the start, but knew how to flash you a smile that would melt your heart or would she walk her own beat and totally surprise us. A year ago tomorrow, she would come into our lives submersing us back into the newborn world whether we were ready or not.

I would have liked to say we were ready. We had just had a newborn not fifteen months prior and had been through all the classes, been through all the odd feeding times, dealt with many a diaper. We were ready, right? Of course there is more to that then just the minor physical things. We would now have twice the diapers, twice the number of little feet to run after, twice trips to the doctors when they were sick; I could easily go on. We’re we ready? I think we were ready to share our love with one more.

Her name is Addisyn Jo. She has now been with us for a year. A complete opposite of her sister, but they balance each other out. She is the quiet silent type, but filled with personality you would not believe. She bobs her head to any music that comes on the radio, speaks in her own dialect of baby-ese, and of course must follow everything her big sister does. Her name was derived by my wife after her Great Grandmother, Dorothy. Only she ever called her Dee and this is what we have nicknamed Addisyn. Unbenounced to us, Haidyn, picked up calling Dee just that on her own without any prompt.

A big sister must be a big sister. One would think we were in trouble from day one by the reaction we got when Haidyn met Addisyn for the first time. A photo immortalized in the digital world, we all look back at the extreme confusion, fear and despise that is portrayed and laugh as now she completely loves her little sister. Dee need a bottle? No problem, Haidyn lets us know. Dee asleep? Shhh… don’t talk loud as Haidyn lets us know. Sharing gummies with her little sister is a must. Helping feed Dee or throw a diaper away is always entertaining. Hugs come often, but also so does the occasional push and shove. Sisterly love is definitely showing through between the two.

So Adee, when you are finally able to read this, whether it is in paper or on the iPad that your sister has already mastered and I am sure eager to show you how to play games, here is to the first year of your life that has brought us so much joy. We can not wait to see how you will grow and partake in this world. You definitely walk your own beat.

We love being your mommy and daddy.

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