A Human Milestone

The other night, I got a sense of nostalgia as I sat in front of my computer pouring over a few hours of unedited video that my wife and I had taken of our daughter since her birth. In two days, she will officially no longer be a baby, but a rambunctious one year old.

Seeing all this video—lots of which I can still vibrantly remember just happening, I couldn’t help but think back to how fast this year has gone and how much having a child and becoming a parent has changed my outlook on life and what joy she brings to my wife and I.

Changing times, easier memories

Technology certainly has changed the way we capture these memories. Gone are the days, at least to us, when the old point and shoot would be filled up with twenty-four frames to then be developed by strangers, hoping that at least a few you take will turn out and be worthy for framing. Now we click the shutter release without a care filling up a digital card that can hold upwards of hundreds of photos knowing very well that in an instant, we can delete a photo we don’t like and take another to fill its place. We now fill up a hard drive of pictures instead of a shoebox.

My parents recently lent us an old photo album that they had put together while I was growing up. It covers from my birth up till I was about two years old. The photos have an aged quality to them, browning with a touch of color fade giving them a more homely feel. Now present day, our photo albums have now turned the way to Facebook or social networking sites. Not only are they kept away from damaging light that causes the browning, but with a single click, you can share these photos with anyone.

About six months ago, I finally upgraded my cell phone to where actually taking a photo with it was worth while. I find myself having it readily available to take that in-the-moment shot of our daughter to instantly send out to my Twitter feed, which ultimately ends up on my Facebook wall post. No longer is there the awkward moment when you have company over and ask, “Do you want to see our photo album of our daughter?” Instead, in it’s place, we force feed you to see the album even if you don’t want to.

Looking back, hesitating to look forward

I always knew I wanted be a father. As I mentioned, our daughter gives us so much joy to see her grow and develop. My wife has tried so hard to get her to walk by her first birthday; she is almost there. As much as I want to see her walk, I now understand why everyone says you never want your child to grow up. I want to be able to take in every milestone that my daughter takes and treasure it forever.

As fast as this year has flown by, I can only imagine what the next years to come will be like. I will yearn for those times when all she wants to do is lay in my arms while we watch television and she falls asleep. The next thing I know, I will be walking her down the isle to start a family of her own. To me she will always be my baby girl no matter how old she gets. Luckily, I will get to enjoy another year of these precious moments with our next daughter, Addisyn — Adee for short, who is due to arrive at the end of July.

So Haidyn, my baby girl — which you will always be to me, happy first birthday!

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