Top 6 annoying types of Facebook status posters

Facebook. It’s the social network that blew away other competition such as MySpace or even the then early-to-the-party-but-forgot-the-gift Friendster. It utilizes it’s simplicity and clean design to connect with old friends or strangers just to add to your ever growing ego enhancing friend list.

Don’t get me wrong, I am an avid user of Facebook myself, I just find its place in this world and the way people interact and/or use it very interesting. This is why I have compiled a short list of what might be considered annoying categories of status postings.

6. The “I had a typo, so let me post the same status again” status

You all have done it; relied on the smart spelling of a T9 enabled phone to get your status message out. Maybe you have a smartphone with an actual QWERTY keyboard, but you still misspell words. Either way, you don’t want people to know you can’t spell, so you post the same status again with the corrections. Proofreading is key; now to figure out how to delete the first post.

5. The “Let’s stir up some controversy with my status” status

Does your status message have a twenty comment deep thread? Maybe even fifteen? With all the discussion around one simple sentence, there has to be some sort of polarized controversy. Of course you have a right to an opinion, but so do all of your friends. Facebook is not a debate platform.

4. The “Lyricist” status

Everyone listens to music; I get that. I love music myself. Why do you feel the need to post the lyrics to a song that you are currently listening to? No matter how you construe the lyrics to fit to what is currently going on in your personal life, I really don’t care too much about how Lil’ Wayne’s rap ballads fulfill this.

3. The “My kid is cuter than your kid” status

I have fallen into this category a few times since my daughter was born. Now that I have a HTC Hero, I can definitely say I do more often than not. Posting multiple photos of your kid eating, sleeping, or just being cute gives you props to be in this category. Status updates about how you just changed one of the stinkiest diapers count too.

2. The “I think my life rocks and so should you” status

You all have seen them. Those that post status messages every five minutes of exactly what they are doing at that very given second in time. Going to see the reunited Spice Girls on their world, name dropping who you saw in the grocery store, what you are eating for dinner or even telling everyone that you just woke up.

I actually fell into this category seven months ago when my daughter was born. I made it a personal goal to tweet status updates — I have my twitter account tied to my Facebook status, letting family and friends know how my wife’s labor was going. When I told her I was going to do a play by play, she looked at me with disdain and told me to focus on her.

And my number one annoying category is…

1. The “ALL CAPSTER” status

Why do you need to YELL AT ME about what you currently are doing? Is your caps lock key broken because your cat decided to rip it off and use it as a toy? Not only does it make it hard to read — don’t get me started on a typography lesson, but I really don’t care that YOU ARE BRUSHING YOUR TEETH really loudly. Tone it down.

Have more categories that your friends could fall in? Post them in the comments and I will add it to the list.

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