Srsly? Pay for followers?

Checking my Twitter profile this morning, I happened to click on one of the links in the sidebar that showcase all the great sister websites that have cropped up from the explosion of the twitter-sphere. The link took me to a site called WeFollow which this blog post is not about. This post is more directed at the advertisement that was front and center on the site. I was dumbfounded from what I saw:

Tweep Me

Pay for followers. Has it really come to this? I can’t help but compare this to joining a fraternity or sorority (I will probably get flames from stating this, which I honestly don’t care). I say this because the joke when back at school was these societies were pay for your friends — yes, I never bought into that hype. I know the basis around them is brotherhood/sisterhood and keeping connections later in life, but I could never grasp why someone would pay to be in a social circle. Technically, if you were social and outgoing enough yourself, you could easily gain those connections and friendships without paying a dime.

This is why I find it very interesting that there is a service out there now to pay for followers of your twitter account. Crazy and dumb. It’s like making yourself popular without being popular to begin with to basically pull the wool over the eyes of potential followers. Granted the web can produce anything imaginable, but this seems to have taken it pretty far. I wonder who the bright minds behind this snake oil scheme is, maybe those fraternity brothers who are trying to keep on their legacy, but jump on the band wagon of Twitter? I’ll say it again, more power to them, but come on, that is ludicrous.

Am I the only one that sees the bad side of this?

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