Field daisy

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Field daisy

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Shafaq said on 03/07 @ 09:51 AM

AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!  I LOVE!  I could not be a happier girl right now. I aslebutoly love you so much and could not be more blessed to have and Sean shooting my wedding.  I am SO excited.

Emi said on 03/08 @ 10:17 AM

Our first winner for day 1:  Drum roll peslae . Tracy Pauley!  Thanks Tracy for the feedback and for all the support.  We’ll send you an email with an electronic gift card for $10 to the itunes store.  Enjoy!  Keep sharing and checking back because a new winner will be announced each day.

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Myloveryou said on 03/06 @ 10:44 PM

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