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Sprites, not just a CSS fantasy

Even though bandwidth is not much of a problem these days of cable, DSL or T1 lines, web designers still need to think about page load time when it comes to use of graphics.

What is 'this?'

I am not completely sure what the deal is with Internet Explorer and Javascript. I am not sure if it's oblivious or just plain scared about using what would seem to be common programming methods.

The wonders of jQuery

About a month ago, Real Travel converted over to Rails from ASP.Net. Rails is packaged with the Prototype and javascript frameworks, but after in-depth research, they turn out to be very slow on the client side.

Quick, down and dirty layout

There are plenty solutions out there for quick grid layouts using CSS. Only one has stood out to me as a very easy to use layout tool. This is the story of Blueprint CSS.

Recent design work

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